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Passing the Singapore driving tests

Posted on July 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Passing the Singapore driving tests can be a breeze if you are prepared for them. Part of the procedures to getting your Singapore driving license involves passing these driving tests – both theory tests and practical tests.

There are 3 tests all learner drivers must pass in order to be awarded the driving license. The 3 tests are Basic Theory Test, Final Theory Test, and Practical Test, in sequential order. As the waiting time to each test upon booking is approximately 2 months, the shortest time learner drivers can expect to get their driving license will be within 6 months from their registration date as a learner driver.

Passing the theory tests are easy. For me, I just relied on 2 books – Basic Theory Test book and a Final Theory Test book, both issued by the Traffic Police in Singapore. Learner drivers just have to read and understand all the traffic rules and information contained inside these books before taking the theory tests. If learners truly understand everything stated inside the book, they will have no problem passing the theory tests. If learners need extra help, there are online supplementary materials on driving theories. In addition, the driving centres even offer learners mock theory tests to prepare for the actual theory test.

What’s more challenging is the practical test.

The first step towards passing your practical test is to look for a good driving instructor. There are both private driving instructors and school driving instructors, and each have their pros and cons. I shall touch more about this topic on a later post. If you want to look for private driving instructors, I will recommend approaching driving match up agencies such as Sglearntodrive – http://sglearntodrive.com. If you are looking for school driving instructors, simply sign up for practical lessons at one of the 3 driving centres.

You should take enough lessons before you book your practical test. Be comfortable and confident driving on the roads. Make sure all your driving techniques are correct. In essence, practice make perfect. Go for adequate lessons before attempting your practical test.

Procedures to getting your Singapore driving license

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Before one is legally allowed to drive a motor vehicle in Singapore, he needs to possess a valid Singapore driving license. There are severe penalties for driving without driving license.

The minimum age to getting a driving license in Singapore is 18 years old. The driving license is valid for life once issued, but may be revoked if the license holder did not adhere to the traffic rules and accumulate too many demerit points. In fact, if the license holder accumulates 12 or more points, his license will be revoked. Demerit points will be refreshed every year. If the driving license is revoked, the affected person will have to retake all the theory and practical tests again to get the driving license.

Step 1 to getting the Singapore driving license is to register for a learner driver account in one of the 3 driving centres in Singapore – Bukit Batok Driving Centre, Ubi ComfortDelgro Driving Centre, Singapore Safety Driving Centre.

Step 2 is to register for the Basic Theory Test. Once the person pass the Basic Theory Test, he can then apply for his Provisional Driving License which will allow him to take practical driving lessons from driving instructors in Singapore. Take note that the Basic Theory test result is valid for life, unless your license got revoked later on. At the same time, he can register for his Final Theory Test.

Upon passing the Final Theory Test, we move to step 3. Take note that Final Theory Test result is valid for 2 years. This means that if one does not pass his practical test within 2 years after passing his Final Theory Test, he will have to retake the Final Theory Test.

Step 3 is to register for the practical test conducted by the Traffic Police in Singapore. It is the last test to pass before one is awarded the driving license. Depending on the students’ capabilities as well as the quality of the driving instructors, the number of driving lessons may vary. In general, Singaporeans take about 20 driving lessons before they attempt their first practical test.

Remember these 3 easy steps as illustrated above, and good luck for your driving tests!