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Finding a good private driving instructor in Singapore

Posted on July 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

After you understand the differences between private driving instructors and school driving instructors, you may want to seek the services of a private driving instructor in Singapore. Indeed, private driving instructors in Singapore are hotly demanded. So many learner drivers are booking lessons with private driving instructors that one has to make advance bookings of one to two weeks in advance.

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The first step towards learning from the private driving instructors is to find them. And it could be tough to do so. How does one finds a private driving instructor in Singapore?

1. Match Up Agencies
There are a few match up agencies set up just for this purpose – matching up private driving instructors to enthusiastic learner drivers. Most of them do not charge a service fee for their match up service. Hence, learner drivers got literally nothing to lose when approaching these match up agencies. It will save the learner drivers a lot of time and effort trying to find the driving instructors themselves. One such match up agencies in Singapore is Sglearntodrive (sglearntodrive.com/). Sglearntodrive is able to match learner drivers with a suitable private driving instructor within just half a day. Sglearntodrive will make sure that the learner drivers’ criteria are fully considered before allocating them suitable private driving instructors. For instance, some of these criteria are the language used in the driving lesson, and the availability of the learner driver to take lessons in the week.

2. Family and friends
Some of the learner drivers may have family and friends who engaged private driving instructors in the past. They could help to connect their old private driving instructor to the learner driver. Usually, recommendations of family and friends are good and will not go wrong.

3. Explore the sites where private driving instructors are at
If learner drivers do their research, they will be able to find out where are the common locations private driving instructors pick up and drop off the learner drivers. They could head down to these locations and approach the driving instructors face to face to ask if they could take them in. No doubt, this will be the most tiring and time-exhausting choice.

Private driving instructors versus school driving instructors

Posted on July 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

There are two options for learner drivers when it comes to taking driving lessons in Singapore – whether to learn from private driving instructors or school driving instructors.

Both types of driving instructors have their own merits and I shall discuss them in detail in this post.

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Everyone wants to find a good instructor to learn driving from. Different instructors will suit different learner drivers. Likewise, the teaching styles of private driving instructors and school driving instructors are different. It is up to the preferences of the learner drivers.

Firstly, private driving instructors start their first lesson right on the public roads. Learner drivers can learn to drive on the public roads on the first lesson. Basic driving techniques such as accelerating, braking, and turning left at junction will be taught. On the other hand, school driving instructors start their first lesson on the school circuit. As the school circuit is a controlled environment, school learner drivers will not feel as intimated as private learner drivers on the first lesson. Moreover, school learner drivers probably only learn how to accelerate and brake during the first lesson.

Secondly, as you may have probably guessed from the things learner drivers learn on the first lesson, private driving instructors teach at a faster pace than school driving instructors. School driving instructors have a fixed and long curriculum to adhere to. On the flip side, private driving instructors are more flexible and able to adjust the pace of driving lessons depending on the learners’ learning speed.

Thirdly, private driving instructors charge a lower rate than school driving instructors. If learner drivers pass on their first attempt, the learner drivers that learn from private driving instructors will on average, be paying at least 20% to 30% lower than learner drivers that learn from school driving instructors.

The above three factors are the main things learner drivers should look out for – pace of learning, lesson structure and curriculum, and lesson costs.