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Engaging driving match up agencies in Singapore

Posted on July 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

There are lots of ways to find your own private driving instructor. Match up agencies are one such channel leading you to the private driving instructors. But first, the big issue is, “How do you get to the match up agencies?”

driving match up agent

These driving match up agencies do not advertise their services using traditional marketing methods. This means that you will not see any banners or flyers displaying their match up services. They do not hold offices as well. As such, you will not be able to get to their offices and speak to them face to face.

The main advertising channel these match up agencies are using is the internet. I first encountered them when I was searching for the private driving instructors on Google. The websites of these match up agencies appear and I went to click on them. That’s how I came to know about their existence. Some of the most popular driving match up agencies are Sglearntodrive (sglearntodrive.com) and LeDriving. Both earns a stellar reputation of matching learner drivers to good private driving instructors.

If you want these agencies to match a private driving instructor to you, simply fill in a form on their websites. A representative from these agencies will contact you via mobile (either a call or a short message). You should expect a response within a day. Through mobile, you can ask them all you want to know about the private driving instructor too. For instance, you may want to know more about the driving instructor’s age, race, teaching style, and lesson fees. It is important to note that different private driving instructors charge different lesson fees – some higher than others. Only school lesson fees are standardized. Hence, do not be surprised when you receive different quotations from different private driving instructors. Go and try these match up agencies now!

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